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"When Alexander saw the breadth of his domain, he wept for there were no more worlds to conquer."

In the ancient world of Macedonia,
Alexander , King of Macedonia
science and magic are one. One man controls them both ...

In the 4th century B.C , a pagan shaman prophesies
Olympias,Queen of Macedonia
that Olympias , Queen of Macedonia , will give birth to a baby who will grow up to destroy the world

Enter Alexander .....
Alexander, Prince of Macedonia
Devil of Destruction.


Alexander the Great - King of Macedonia , Conqueror

Birth Date - 356 BC

Death - 323 BC

Place of Birth - Pella, Macedonia

-Known for -

 Destroying opposition as he saw necessary, but allowing subservient conquered societies to retain traditions and organizational structure, observing and adopting their practices as suited his needs
Conquering Persia and portions of India and Egypt, adapting military tactics for success against diverse enemies

                             -Milestones -

338 bc Commanded the left wing of the Macedonian army in defeat of the Greeks at Chaeronea
336 bc Ascended the throne of Macedonia after the assassination of his father, King Philip II
335 bc Established control of Greece by crushing uprisings in Thebes
334 bc Began the conquest of Persia with victory in battle at Granicus
333 bc Defeated the main Persian army of King Darius III at Issus
332-331 bc Began conquest of Egypt and founded the city of Alexandria
331 bc Defeated and occupied Babylon
330 bc Assumed the title of Emperor of Persia after Darius III was assassinated by one of his own satraps, and consolidated control of Persia and Central Europe over the following three years
326 bc Completed conquest of the Persian Empire with the invasion of northern India

-Did You Know -

 Alexander is believed to have killed his friend Clitus while in a drunken rage.

 As a child, Alexander was tutored by the philosopher Aristotle.

 Alexander was inspired by the feats of the warriors in Homer's Iliad and always kept a copy of the epic poem under his pillow.

 When Alexander attacked Thebes, he ordered all structures destroyed except temples and the home of the poet Pindar.

 Alexander founded some 70 cities within his empire, many of them named Alexandria.


The Story of Bucephalas ( Alexander's Steed ) -:
/images/rider.jpg Alexander's horse Bucephalas was a magnificent black stallion which had a white blaze on his forehead and had been a gift to Alexander. Originally Phillip II was going to purchase the horse for himself, but thought Bucephalas was too unmanageable. Alexander made a wager with his father that he could tame and ride the horse, for Alexander had noticed Bucephalas was afraid of his shadow on the ground. After turning the horse into the sun and away from the shadow, Alexander quickly quieted the mount down and proceeded to ride the horse. From that day on, Bucephalas was Alexander the Great's horse. Who carried Alexander into most of his battles over the ensuing years, when Bucephalas finally died in 326 B. C. Alexander had a state funeral for him and built a city in India where he died, naming it Bucephala.

Reign : The Conqueror - Television Showtimes
Reign, a 21st century sci-fi spin on the epic exploits of Alexander the Great.

Creator Profiles -
Peter Chung - Reign Character & Concept Designs
Creator of MTV's Aeon Flux

Rintaro - Producer of Reign
Director of Astro Boy and Metropolis

Masao Murayama - Producer of Reign
Murayama-san is the founder of Madhouse Studios (see below)

Madhouse - Animator of Reign
This studio has animated TONS of anime classics; among them are Trigun and Vampire Hunter D
Worthy of Your Soul - Unsure on who performs this song(theme) as of yet,the version I have is labelled as having the artist Rachel Pollack responsible for the song.

Reign : The Conqueror on DVD -

Volume 1 : Ascension

Episode 1:A Prophecy Born This Day
Episode 2:The Thunder of Battle
Episode 3:A Failure of Diplomacy
Episode 4:Ascension to the Throne

Volume 2 : Obsession

Episode 5:God of Creation
Episode 6:The Secret of Samotrace
Episode 7:The Gordian Knot

Volume 3 : Domination

Episode 8:Here Shall Stand Alexandria

Episode 9:The Oracle of Ammon
Episode 10:Persia Shall Fall

Volume 4 : Destruction

Episode 11:Unification Before Division
Episode 12:The Vanquished Arise
Episode 13:The Prophecy Comes To Pass